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  1. rossj

    orbx scenery fsx to P3Dv3

    Sorry about the last sentence in my last post. The green " Get FTX Central 3" is of course on the site, not in FTX Central 2. Ok I have made some progress. I didn't uninstall FTX Central 3, I just reinstalled it over the top. I also ran my registry cleaner, dont know if that did anything but I noticed something new. Instead of FTX Central 3 giving me the option of FSX or P3D, it now gives me three options, FSX, P3Dv1 and P3Dv3. Ok I'm now at , I'm logged into my account,( very important). Any Freeware can be selected ( it gives you a choice of simulators to choose). I choose P3D. I then click " add to account" button, the button then changes to " open in FTX central" , which you select. Any Payware that you have previously purchased can also be selected and the "open in FTX Central" button clicked. This button will automatically open your desktop 'FTX Central 3, upon which you must choose your simulator. I choose P3Dv3.. The file name now appears in FTX Central 3. This is good, It gives you the option to download or select your own source. I select my downloads folder which has my original and unfortunately not up to date global, regional and airport zip files. Now I thought I could get these files and then do the update but I think FTX central 3, tries to load and update them in one go, because I started seeing a massive download happening. I'm having download problems at the moment ie: exceeding data limit, so it might take me a day or so to sort out. So as far as I can see, its not going to cost me anything but I'm in for some big downloads with the stack of Orbx I have purchased over time. Because FTX cental downloads and installs in one go, I cant just grab the updated ones from my FSX, that I did the other day.
  2. rossj

    orbx scenery fsx to P3Dv3

    Thanks for your comments so far, guys. I do have an account and I am logged in. Let me say firstly that I intend to use both FSX and P3D. Currently,when I start FTX Central 3, it gives me the option of selecting FSX or P3D. If I select FSX, it displays all my purchases and highlights any that have available updates as per normal. If I select P3D option check box, it just shows the categories menu list down the left hand side. I installed FTX Central 3, before purchasing and installing P3D. I wonder Jimm, if I uninstall FTX Central 3 and reinstall FTX Central 2, it will give me the green "Get FTX Central 3" button again, only this time, I have P3D installed. Is that sort of what you mean't Jimm.
  3. Hi everyone Have been running FSX with orbx global , regions and several airports for long time. I have just updated them with Orbx central v 3 Just bought P3Dv3 as my first P3D package. I ran my original orbx global base pack v 1.30 installer, with the intention of loading it into P3D and then updating them but the options window only goes up to P3Dv2. After a google I believe there is a P3Dv3 installer that can be downloaded. If this is true , can someone please direct me . I thought it might be on orbx home site but didn't see it.