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  1. clearwater

    Issues with GNS 430/530

    I didn't mean to insult your work! It is a great program and I am very glad someone is making 430s in flight sim. I was just frustrated at first. RNAV fixes (IAF, FAF) are what I was talking about as GPS waypoints. They are very hard to read for how dark blue they are. Just makes RNAV approaches a bit more difficult to use. Other than that I spent today using the GPS and I am now very impressed with the program. I should've slept before I posted haha. Thank you for your response
  2. clearwater

    Issues with GNS 430/530

    Whoops! Sorry about that. Newbie here.
  3. I just purchased the GNS 430/530 and when I launched Prepar3d v2.5 it appears in the aircraft and everything seems to work except the navigation map. GPS way-points are very dark blue and very hard to read because they match the same color water blue with a black background. Also I can not see other airports, VORS, or any navigational aid more than 20nm away and I cannot see any airspace boundary lines. The navigation top down map is pretty much unusable in RNAV approaches. I use the 430 in real world flying, but I am no expert on the GPS. After $90 of product purchasing cost I am very disappoint as the functionality seems to be worse than the default GPS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.