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  1. just-another-pilot

    Ai Controller (Sid, Jet Route, Star And Final Approach) Beta

    Hi there. I also wanted to say, great program. I just wanted to ask a question: The new AIController version controls everying from takeoff to landing. When does the takeoff controll take effect. Is this after the AI has entered the runway for takeoff or does it already control the entering of the runway? The reason I am asking is the following: I like to use VOX ATC, but I don't like the VOX ATC AI traffic. So what I end up doing is using Ultimate traffic 2 as AI, VOX ATC to control my Aircraft (turning VOX ATC AI traffic to zero) and I used AISIDSTAR (and now AIControl) to control the AI Aircraft that they don't get into my way. This worked really well apart from landing at busy airports. I had it several times, that I was on short final and and AI was taxiing on the runway ( I could not say if this happens as well with AIControl as I have only done a few flights so far). Now, if the new AIController version would stop the AI from entering the runway, while I am on short final (similar to what Radar Contact does, which freezes the AI ground traffic while I am on short final) then this would be great. If it does not do this, then this might be a suggestioni to implement. I have read, that you are planning to implement ground AI control at some point. Maybe this would be a useful starting point. Again: great program, love it.