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  1. Hi everyone! I'm having some problems with this aircraft. When in FSX I select the 767 and it is already on, so I go into the menu and i select the "parked at seattle" state to get in cold & dark. Everything ok for now. I follow all the checklist to prepare the cockpit but i can't get the APU on. When i select the apu switch tu on an amber FAULT light come on, and then when i select start the light disappear and a white RUN light flashes twice. After a while an horn come up (i get no stuck RUN light), so i have no apu. If i decide to not turn on the apu and use the external power, I can get all the screens on, but when I select one of the engine start switches to on nothing happens (no N2 value goes up). Maybe because i have no apu?
  2. Hi guys i'm new here i'm daniele and i came from italy. Recently i started to use captain sim 777 but i'm having some problems to start it up. When i turn on the batteries, the apu, and the displays on the engine menu i can see some warnings (eng fail r, eng fail l, eng shutdown...). At the beginning i tought it was normal because the aircraft was shutted down, but searching for it i found some tutorials and there aren't all these warnings. However i countinued the start up procedure (autostart on and eng l and r start) and nothing happened. And i noticed that there are no n1 values on the EICAS. In general there always is a number in n1 box (for example 0.00 if the aircrfat is off) but now i don't have any number! I don't now if i explained well, let me know maybe i'll post a photo Any advice?