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  1. Thank you so much for this app. It works very well in XP 11 and FSX without any major issues. Is it possible for future releases to expand the map view to a full-screen layout when undocked? Currently, I have to drag and expand the edges to fit the map full screen on my second monitor.
  2. Screamer

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2 :blink: :mad: :angry: :(
  3. Screamer

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    I withdraw that statement after reading this thread:
  4. Screamer

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    That is very good news. So there is a light in the dark tunnel after all. I'm fully aware that coding a 64 bit application is not like waving a magic wand and hey, presto! Eventually Microsoft will drop it's support for FSX and with that the activation process too. That is why I had so high hopes for LM's P3D. And to know the fact that they are looking at a 64 bit P3D is very good news after all, regardless the time frame. Regards, Johan
  5. Screamer

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    You can stay with FSX like programs - get taunted with great airports and scenery that you simply can't use without worrying about an OOM. Wonder how many people with lots of scenery etc. live with this frustration!!! The choice are yours and I think as long as we support an application that in the sense of memory handling,limited you in what can be achieved, the developers will not care about us and continuing selling products that is a potential time bomb waiting to go off and explode in everybody's face's. And it already happens. The simple fact is that you can't get away with the 4 gigabyte VAS limit. And with all the scenery's that are available, it is not possible any more to do a flight from A to C, overflying B, without getting an OOM on your final approach to C. Oh, you can use an auto saver or save your flight manually, but what if you flying on VATSIM, saving the flight ,flying the ILS approach and get an OOM? If somebody can address that 4000 megabyte VAS limit, by all means I will buy that product. XP already done that by going to 64 bit.
  6. Screamer

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    Thanks for the reply NikkiA, now I understand it better. :good: Cheers Johan
  7. Screamer

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    Thanks for the reply, Michael. I read some forums and there is users of X-Plane 10 that claim they convert FXS scenery to X-Plane with spectacular results. And I quote his post "After only recently hearing of FlyDubai's partnership with Qantas I felt a Scenic flight over Dubai was in order. All screenshots feature the freeware x737 from EADT and of course Flytampa's Dubai Reeboted scenery converted to run in X-Plane 10 64 bit. Enjoy!" And this: And he post some very interesting and beautiful screenshots of that conversion. Here is one.... How is that possible? Cheers Johan
  8. Screamer

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    I'm very reluctant to spend some money on a 32 bit simulator. The big problem is the VAS space available for the sim. I do not know how effective the auto gen function in P3D2 works. Xplane 10 already took the 64 bit path, why not P3D? With all the scenery add-on's that is available, I think a 64 bit app. is ESSENTIAL.