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  1. Hello Guys, I have recently upgraded my FSX with FTX Global Base, FTX Vectors, FTX OpenLC and FTX England and was wondering if some of the older addons that I have will be compatible with the ORBX software. I have some UK 2000 Scenery Xtreme Airports (Manchester + Liverpool) and would like to know if this is compatible with the new ORBX addons? Thanks
  2. sergantbilko

    FS Global 2010

    Many thanks gents for your responses, FS Global now fully installed and working
  3. sergantbilko

    FS Global 2010

    The version i downloaded from the FlightSim Store says it is fully compatible with FTX
  4. sergantbilko

    FS Global 2010

    Many thanks, i will try this Once again, please excuse my ignorence, what is meant by uprgade your R1 or R2 version to R3? what is R1, R2,R3?
  5. sergantbilko

    FS Global 2010

    Sorry guys, your way ahead of me, i haven't got that far yet. I've downloaded files 1 to 6. The first file is a zip file and the other 5 are not but there are no clear steps as to what to do next. I have copied all the files to a folder on the C drive and tried extracting the files within the zip folder but they won't unzip, i keep getting errors about unable to find part one of a multipart folder??
  6. sergantbilko

    FS Global 2010

    Hi there, This is my first post so hope i have done it correctly. I'm fairly new to simming, i have FSX and some of the FTX global products but i'm really stuggling with FS Global 2010. Is there a step by step proceedure anywhere, this is the most difficult product i've come across so far. Many thanks Sergantbilko