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  1. I think if it was the same with other flightsims I would be more inclined to look in that direction, but it works great in DCS and Xplane no issues at all. I have read so many posts of others having similar issues with v5 but not read of any resolves.
  2. Thank you for your response. It didn't make any difference. The frames are good it seems to be the head tracking that's creating the problem..
  3. I have just jumped from xplane to P3D v5 and have read all the VR post regarding the issue with stuttering. No matter what I have tried I can not get rid of the head movement stuttering my frame rates can be up at 60 and that's using True Earth scenery. When flying if I don't move my head the flight is smooth the moment I move my head the head movement is stuttering. I am using an i9 cpu and 3090 graphics card I am sure its not a performance issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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