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  1. Hello, Does this allso work with fs9? I'm not a big programmer, but have had succes with basic fsuipc programming for buttons, switches etc. for my home cockpit. I'm restoring an old 727 flight deck, and would like the old analog radios to work. I've succesfully managed to do so with one NAV radio so far by writing a line in fsuipc.ini for each and every NAV frequency which took me some time as you might imagine! As I'm now going to interface one more NAV radio + two COM radios, I was kind of hoping there might be another way around programming these! I was thinking I could somehow use your great script to approach this in an easier way. The physical radio is made up of rotary swithes, each sending a button press via the i/o card to fsuipc. Lets say button1 is pressed, Can that set the ten'th in the freq. ie. 108.00? Button2 pressed = 109.00 Button3 pressed = 110.00 ... and so on... And button10 to set the decimal: 108.10 Button11 = 108.20 ... and so on... I'd really appreciate any inputs that could lead me in the right direction! Thanks, Lasse