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  1. hello guys my name is Diego and I am a professional pilot who loves FSX. Actually I am using the new card EVGA GTX 780Ti., and I good computer with actually specifications are next amd9590FX 4.7Ghz , 16Gb memory ram 1866mhz corsair pro and the graphic card that I mentioned the GTX780Ti and ASUS motherboard pro R2.0 well. I think with this computer complete the requirements for using PMDG Smoother , but it seems to be not working properly and it gets low FPS. Another situation that I need to talk about is the NVidia GTX780 Ti is designed for work in DirectX 10 instead of Direct9 and it has an extremely difference performance and big FPS using GTX780ti in DirectX 10 which is really good this works with defaults aircrafts on FSX using ORBX Global Base and VECTOR and also Ultra high settings in bad weather which makes me happy ,but When I use PMDG the performance is really bad and I get between 8 , 25, and 30 FPS in extremely airport and it is not smooth even when I tweak my FSX.CFG , NVidia inspector and DirectX10 Fixer. If you know gus the solution for run smooth or get more FPS with PMDG I Would be extremely happy. thank you for your consideration, have a good day