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  1. LuiAD1983

    FSXcenery KLEX Blue Grass Airport problem

    It actually looks fairly normal, other than parked very close to the building and kinda crooket on the centerline. And i did not install any scenery for that area. Except for ultimate terrain USA which i guess covers that area too. Just to add, after the first time installing it, it did not show up at all. Everything was default. After a lot of research and reinstalling a few times i got the scenery to work with manually adding the lines in the scenery.cfg. But then i noticed the above mentioned problems. Jetways and ground markings arround the jetways missing and the taxi lines seem off.
  2. LuiAD1983

    FSXcenery KLEX Blue Grass Airport problem

    Thanks for your answers. The scenery complexity is set to highest setting. Is there a way for me to check for conflicting AFCADS or disable one? Does anybody have experience with scenery from FSXcenery?
  3. Hey guys, i purchased the KLEX Blue Grass airport addon from FSXcenery today and have had nothing but trouble with it. First of all, all the jetways are missing. Just the Gate numbers are like floating in the air. And secondly, when i load my PMDG 737ngx at any of those gates it crashes immediatly. I mean the sim thinks i crashed the plane. I dont have this problem with any other addon airport i have. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Luis