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  1. Thanks for this excellent info and methodology. I have tested it intensively the last days on my set-up (P3D V2.5, 4770K @4.4 GHz, GTX780, single beamer), using a standard flight with the default Beech B55, and a demanding scenery: AS Zurich V2, FTX global/vector/open LC, REX4 texture direct/SC, and FS Global Real Weather. With that set-up I can basicly confirm the main conclusion regarding the factors contributing to a more smooth behaviour: frame limiter locked rather than unlocked, HT OFF rather than ON, all four cores in use rather than three. Regarding the core usage I use EasyToolZ rather than setting AF in the cfg. You can change the core usage on-the-fly, and I have the subjective feeling it delivers smoother results than setting AF. However there is one feature which I cannot get rid-off, whatever the setting I apply. It’s the long spikes (vertixes?) of around 120 to 140 ms frame rendering time, occurring at an almost constant interval of around 10s. See attached screenshot, which is typical for this feature. Obviously you also note them when flying. I played around with FFTF, scenery densities, LOD, core usage. The pattern of the pikes always stays, they may change in magnitude (but never really fall below 120ms), or be ‘complemented’ by additional spikes, but I do not succeed to remove them. Does some has any suggestion what I could further do ? One parameter I have not tested yet is CPU speed, but would it significantly change when going from 4.4 GHz to let’s say 4.6 GHz ? Regards With respect to my post above. Picture is hopefully working now .... https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfkej8m9qej65z2/Spikes.JPG?dl=0