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  1. cathay808

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I think being a "product line" doesn't really stop it being an aircraft, it could be a 787 product line, starting with the 787-8 base pack, followed by the 787-9 expansion, and eventually the 787-10 expansion. (In the same way that the 777-200LR/777F base pack led to the 777-300ER expansion.) And with the 787's sophistication and complexities, it could have been a project started in 2008 that finally achieved the necessary breakthroughs with P3Dv4. The latest PMDG innovations revealed with the 747-8 (moving maps, EFB integration, charts etc) also happen to be steps towards the sophisticated flight deck of the 787. Given PMDG's longstanding relationship with Boeing I wouldn't really expect a PMDG Airbus - but always happy to be proven wrong. That said, I would also be pretty excited about a PMDG line of medium-range sim hardware (Boeing-style yokes, throttle quadrants in 737/747/777 varieties, MCPs, etc). (Mind you, a PMDG line of skin care products would be pretty cool, too.)
  2. On the 777 front, I'm pretty sure one of the micro updates gave the 777 the ground friction model from the Queen v2? (So that you'll actually maintain taxi speed at idle thrust as opposed to the old way of needing some thrust just to keep moving) Not sure if the same micro-update was pushed for the FSX version of the 777 though - so it could've been a new feature but not a P3Dv4-exclusive one.
  3. More than made up for by not having VC - baseline framerates (VC, no popup) about 24-25, dropped briefly to 17-18 when the popups were opened, rates then stabilised about 20-21fps, but once VC is removed with popups open for takeoff the framerates actually got up over 30 (around 33-34).
  4. Hi Rob, I've been through this very issue wanting the very same thing, and having not found an app that does that, I've turned to extra monitors. First I tried using Duet Display app to make my iPad an extra monitor (on top of my two-screen setup), and was able to undock the pop-up PFD & ND screens and drag them to the iPad display. However I wasn't fully satisfied with Duet as it was a bit temperamental at times and was a hassle. After that I found and bought a 15.6 inch USB monitor by AOC, which proved to be a much simpler solution - I'd hook up the USB monitor just before I boot up P3D, load up the scenario, and as part of my pre-flight routine I'd open up the pop-up PFD and ND screens, undock them and drag them to the USB monitor. I gather from your username that you're from NZ as well, in which case I'll include a link to where I got my USB monitor from: The upsides of the USB monitor: Achieves the goal of displaying PFD/ND separately, so the main monitor can be used mainly to look out the window. Displays the real PMDG PFD/ND straight from the simulator, doesn't need any 3rd party software. Doesn't tie up the iPad, which I use for Charts. I've also started undocking the EFIS, MCP, and upper and lower EICAS popups and moving them to my 2nd (full size) monitor to the side, on top of having PFD/ND on the 3rd (USB) monitor - this allowed me to use the Cockpit view (the one without VC) during flight, which gives an unobstructed view out the window with higher framerates (as the sim doesn't have to render VC); and just use virtual cockpit during pre-flight and taxiing Now for the downsides: I haven't worked out a way to save the undocked PFD/ND positions, so for every flight I have to undock, drag and resize. However within the same simulator session, once in position you can close the popups and they'll reopen where you left them on the USB monitor when you next open them. Unfortunately the undocked PFD/ND windows have borders and a title bar, which I'm not sure if you can remove (I haven't tried anyway). The PFD/ND won't fill up the entire USB monitor, so I changed my desktop background to a dark one to make sure the gaps and leftover space wouldn't look out of place (in fact I used the P3D desktop background included in the P3D folder - thanks LM) The USB monitor's colour profile isn't quite as spot-on as my main monitors, but for the purpose of displaying PFD and ND it is more than adequate. There's also a slight performance hit - I've since got into the habit of undocking the upper and lower EICAS screens, as well as the EFIS and MCP and having them on my second (full size) monitor in addition to PFD/ND on the 3rd (USB) monitor, and when they're all undocked there's a slight framerate hit in the virtual cockpit view. To minimise the hit on framerate, I undock and move them all into position during preflight, close them during taxi when I'm using virtual cockpit, and reopen the popups as I reach the runway. So this sums up my setup, hope it helps (or at least gives you an idea or two) and I'm happy to answer any questions you (or anyone else) have about my setup.
  5. Are you using hardware brakes by any chance? (For example I use Saitek rudder pedals which have toe brakes) It took me a long time to realize that I had a deadzone set on my brake axes which meant every time I used the toe brakes they weren't releasing fully, so I'd start taxiing fine but once I've used the brakes or after landing I was using quite large amounts of power to keep moving. Once I set the deadzone to zero they released fully and I was able to taxi just fine. (That was with default FS controls.)
  6. cathay808

    Problems with V4 black screens no gear

    Oh... I hadn't thought to mention that because in page 2 of this thread we had established that if you remove FSUIPC5 it all works flawlessly. Now try loading the 747 directly (rather than default plane first) - that works for me when I don't have FSUIPC5 installed. (But being that I fly with FTG and the FTG ACARS requires FSUIPC, removing FSUIPC isn't a desirable fix for me - hence I've been pursuing the matter.)
  7. cathay808

    Problems with V4 black screens no gear

    No no, I meant that the 747 is trying to interact with FSUIPC 5 (in P3D v4) using old code. I'll quote Pete Dowson's post from the FSUIPC forum below: The change Pete mentioned, 5.101k, actually made mine stop loading altogether - previously I could still load the 747 by loading a default aircraft first, but now that wouldn't work either. This is fascinating as it's the first time we've seen that a change to FSUIPC could predictably alter whether the 747 would load.
  8. cathay808

    Problems with V4 black screens no gear

    In the FSUIPC forum Pete Dowson (developer of FSUIPC) has mentioned something about PMDG discovering some interaction with legacy FSUIPC code, and although the latest update to FSUIPC, 5.101k, hasn't fixed the problem (and in fact for me the workaround stopped working when I installed 5.101k), it does sound like there is an interaction between PMDG 747 and FSUIPC which might just be the cause of our grief. Watch this space, I'd say.
  9. cathay808

    747 v4 Loads up dead

    I actually wonder if getting Windows 10 was the thing that fixed it - there seems to be a trend that Windows 10 users were able to get everything working together perfectly whereas Windows 7 users such as myself are doing the same thing but getting stuck.
  10. cathay808

    747 v4 Loads up dead

    By my own trial and error I've also discovered that workaround. I'd set up a scenario with the desired time, airport, and gate and with a default aircraft (I just stay with the F-22), then once the scenario has started up I'd change to the PMDG 747. In this way I can usually get the PMDG 747 and FSUIPC 5 (unregistered - I only use FSUIPC to run FTG ACARS to fly with FTG) working together. EDIT: I've re-read the "known issues" thread more carefully and found the entry "Issues where the aircraft loads into the simulator with the screens dead and no landing gear. (failure of dll initialization)", so I do apologize for a bit of ranting which I have now removed from this post, and shall wait for a fix.
  11. cathay808

    Problems with V4 black screens no gear

    Not in my case either... I've moved from FSX directly to P3D v4 and so far I can only get the 747 to work with FSUIPC5 when I load a default aircraft first then load the 747 on top of it. (Naturally the 747 works just fine with FSUIPC5 removed) I'm also on Windows 7 which seems to fit the trend.