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  1. Dear Keven, well - this is surely what can be called a quick respone. :smile: Thanks a lot for the (ultra-fast) information. Good to hear that there's another option. I will go with Simmarket then. Thanks again and Happy Landings Tom P.S: Might be a good idea to have that information somewhere on the website as well......
  2. Hi! I wanted to purchase PrecipitFX and was ready to checkout. However, the "payment with credit card processed by PayPal" would not at all let me complete the purchase without creating an account with PayPal, provide to them name, street adress, phone number and agree to PayPal's terms and conditions. Apparently this is a setting applied to customers in Germany, however it is not possible to bypass this via seleting anyother country. (I had the same issue with Flightradar24's website.) I would think that a payment with a credit card, completed and confirmed with the credit card company will do the job - as it does on each and every other online store as well. For some good reasons I terminated my PayPal account I used to have before and I will definitely not create another one to just to purchase a minor item worth USD 15,00. Too bad. The product looks nice. But I do not see why I would need to provide even more personal details to the clearing institution than I would need to provide to the vendor. Don't understand why vendors let the payment company impose this hassle to their customers. Anyway: Unless there is no other chance to pay - Sorry, no business with me. Regards, Tom