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  1. Matthew George

    Account Hacked

    I did not share the 777. I have no need in sharing it. If that guy wanted it, he should have got it himself. I'm really confused as you are, and if you don't believe me, don't believe me. I even have evidence. It's a weird case. Even before creating this topic, I tried doing research. I didn't find any useful info anywhere. That's why I have created the topic.
  2. Matthew George

    Account Hacked

    Did everything everyone has mentioned before, problem solved. Thanks Actually, for some damn strange reason he did know the password to the account. The password I use for the pmdg account is the same one for my email. Only way he could have got the password is via my email account. Very strange situation, but most likely solved. Thanks for the support.
  3. Matthew George

    Account Hacked

    I haven't just yet contacted PMDG directly but I might give it go. I know my account got hacked due to someone on steam telling me he wanted the 777. My PMDG account is my email and he already had my email because it's on my YouTube channel (Boeing 169). I asked him if he had logged in to the account and I had no response. Before he had told me he was going to get into the account but I really do not know if he got in or not.
  4. Matthew George

    Account Hacked

    Hello guys, For some reason my PMDG account got hacked by someone and I believe it is using the 777 I bought I while back. I've changed the account password but I don't know if you can do something else like change the product key or something like that. Thanks for the support.