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  1. Really!!!!!! I couldn't find anything on them! But thank you anyway Euan
  2. Yeah I would never have ever found that out. I just want to thank you Bill for the amount of support you gave me as it helped a lot! Thank you aswell to 'cmpbellsjc' for finding the solution. I'll mark the question as solved now, but thank you for all your help! Euan Jenkins
  3. I just unchecked DXT10 Preview and it worked! The lines aren't there anymore! Do you still want a copy of my scenery.cfg? Euan
  4. This what I see at almost all my add-on airports. Euan
  5. How do I post a screenshot, because it only gives me the option to give the url of the picture?
  6. I feel as though the default FSX scenery for the airports is somehow overwriting the add-on scenery. Because I also get the problem of parts of the default runway or taxiway flickering on top of the add-on runway, which gives the sim a really unrealistic look. Also, at an add-on airport at night, the textures turn into the default airport night textures and it makes it really unpleasant to fly at night. I'm really struggling to find a solution here and but I'm really happy that you are trying your best to help me. Is there anyway to just simply delete the default FSX airport files? Euan
  7. Sorry I haven´t replied in a while! Regarding Blausterns suggestion of searching the ICAO code of the airport, that brought no conflicting files so I tried the 'Simple Airport Scanner' and that didn't bring anything up either. Also I'm not running Global or Vector. For Bill, those are all the airports I have installed and as mentioned, I tried searching for the duplicates but nothing popped up. What other solutions are there? Euan
  8. How do I search manually for them? I've just never had this problem so I've never searched for them! Euan
  9. Hi Bill, That's absolutely great! I didn't know you could deactivate the runway textures for REX E+OD and I'll try that immediately. I'll get back to you if the problem is fixed but thank you for the amount of support already given! If the REX tweak doesn't work I'll consider the AFCADS file finder, but as it's a payware software, then I don't think the problem is so great as to have to pay to find a potential solution. Once again thank you, Euan
  10. The airport scenery add-ons I have currently installed are: Aerosoft: - Bari X - Frankfurt-Hahn X - Luxembourg Airports - Girbaltar X - Djerba X FlyTampa: - St. Maarten (Extended) - Kai Tak Drzewiecki design: - Polish Airports Vol.1 UK2000: - 21 of their airports I've also got REX Essentials + Overdrive, and it installs alternative runway markings so I'm not sure if that could also affect it. What other information would be useful for you to know? Where would I find the AFCAD files? Euan
  11. I've been having this problem lately which is that on my add-on runways, the outline of the FSX default runway markings is still visible. I can't find anything online about it so I thought why not ask on here! Does anybody know any solutions?