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  1. Yes Im Chris

    EzDok sounds in views

  2. Yes Im Chris

    EzDok sounds in views

    This may should a little weird but I like to have a window view with a realistic feel. But when I set a camera view for a window the sound is like your outside instead of it being like the cockpit it it just makes it just that much less real. So I was wondering how I would make the sound of the window view more like the sound in the cockpit view, Thanks.
  3. Yes Im Chris

    Clashing Textures

    I've recently bought and installed both REX and Orbx EU England. But for the airports like Gatwick for instance the textures on the ground clash and make this sort of effect: What shall I do?
  4. Yes Im Chris

    Upgrading To A GTX 660

    I have a CPU which clocks at 4.2Ghz I just want good performance otherwise its not much point of flying without the NGX and REX/Orbx. Thanks what sort of performance do you get, and which addons do you use?
  5. I currently have a ATI 7770 and the FPS when using REX, ORBX and PMD737 are horrible. It mostly lags in the cockpit and I was wondering if I was to buy a GT 660 will there be any improved performance? I've seen YouTube videos of people getting nice FPS with a 560...
  6. Yes Im Chris

    737-700NGX Systems wont intialize when loading.

    Yes, I had BOTH of these problems. For the fatal error problem is easy to fix too, when I had the problem I fixed it by installing FSX in my C: drive, e.g under "C:/FSX/" and downloading a UIAutomation.dll and just dragging it into the FSX folder with compatibility set to WIn7 (IF you have Win8 like me) For your second problem, the start up failure. That happened to me when I shut-down my PC by the PSU and it corrupted the FSX files so that most instruments broke and 737NGX stopped working too, Then i easily fixed it by uninstalling all plugins and then reinstalling the game and add-ons. Hope this helps
  7. Yes Im Chris

    737-800 Fatal Error

  8. Yes Im Chris

    737-800 Fatal Error

    + I've also tried reinstalling.
  9. Yes Im Chris

    737-800 Fatal Error

    Yes I bought it from the Official PMDG shop.
  10. Yes Im Chris

    737-800 Fatal Error

    Hey, Just recently bought PMDG's 737 NGX but was disaapointed to find that I'm getting an error. The error occurs when I try to exit FSX while in the NGX, this doesn't happen with any other aircraft. I've tried compatibility mode and troubleshooter but no success. Any ideas? I would be grateful to the person who helps me fix this error.