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  1. Works fine for me! THANKS!
  2. That is correct! Good to hear :)
  3. Hey guys, I recently updated the RealityXP GTN750 to the latest version and since then my GTN750 seems to be using the Garmin (North America) Database. All the non American Airports are gone for example. I started the Garmin Trainer and selected Jeppesen in the Options which was working fine in the trainer itself. After that I looked up ; selects the default database: 0: 'Garmin (North America)', 1: 'Jeppesen (Worldwide)' NavDbType = 1 which was also set to 1. I am running out of ideas right now. :-/ Another small thing: I do not hear any GTN750 sounds anymore, without changing anything. Any help? Greetings, Franz
  4. fraxyyy

    MINS BARO RST not working?

    Wops, alright. Must have skipped that part with all the anticipation. Thanks guys
  5. Hey everone First flight on this amazing aircraft, but one quick question and problem: I set a minimums baro just to try it out and wanted to delete it with the RST button. Nothing happens. PFD still shows my minimums baro. Any advice? Greetings, Franz
  6. fraxyyy

    Joystick stops working

    Hey guys, I sadly need to add the PMDG 777 to Number 3) as well. So right now my PMDG 737 and the 777 are not working. So... now all PMDG products are not working for me. I guess this is better than having a working 777 and a non working 737, or the other way around like it was in my 2nd installtion try (Number 2). One more thing: I have noticed this window popping up, everytime I use the 737: What I will do now is, I will run P3D without ASNext, AivlaSoft, PFPX and TOPCAT and I will see what happens then. Then I will uninstall and reinstall P3D with one addon at the time. Another thing: Because the same problem (but this time without the KERNELBASE.dll) appears on two different OS (since I reinstalled windows 7) -> I am thinking it is hardware. But Joystick is working fine in windows, it only happens with PMDG aircraft and after a simple P3D restart everything is fine again, I can not believe it is a form of a hardware problem. - Franz-Niklas Büter
  7. fraxyyy

    Joystick stops working

    KERNELBASE problem is already fixed. Current situation is Just wanted to sum up all the things that happend since I got P3D :smile: - Franz-Niklas Büter
  8. fraxyyy

    Joystick stops working

    The problem occures with and without latest Saitek drivers installed. I also tested different USB slots! Edit: Notice please, that my hardware doesn't stop completely. It works after P3D restart and it continues to work in windows all the time. - Franz-Niklas Büter
  9. fraxyyy

    Joystick stops working

    Hello, no. I only have Aerosoft Airbus, PMDG 737 800/900 and 777-200/F for P3D and I got all of these 3 installed. Greetings, Franz-Niklas Büter
  10. fraxyyy

    Joystick stops working

    Hello guys, first of all thank you for providing this support forum! I really need some help. I will try to provide as much information as possible so this will probably end up in a giant wall of text. First things first: I switched from FSX to P3D v3 and I got some serious issues that I have never had before. In the following, I will go through my problems in some sort of timeline... :smile: 1) First installation of P3D v3.0 Installed following addons: Aerosoft Airbus, Active Sky, AivlaSoft EFB, Navigraph Database, TOPCAT, PFPX, FS2Crew 737 and Airbus All was fine, everything was working perfectly! Purchase and installation of the PMDG 737, problems started: :excl: 1-2 hours into the flight my joystick suddenly would stop working in P3D. Plane was confi on autopilot and everything was "fine", exept that I was unable to do anything within P3D with my Joystick. If I tried to open up any menu (Set Time and Season, Chose Airport, Change Airplane) my sim would crash and I would get this error message: In this phase I made various tests and I can say that the Aerosoft Airbus as well as any default airplane would not stop my joystick from working nor would I get any error when I tried to open up any window at any given time. (Btw: If my joystick was working on the PMDG 737 in the first hour, I could open menus as well). I was unable to fix the problem no matter what I did (reinstalling / uninstalling various addons, as well as the 737 ofc) so I decided the completly reinstall P3D and all of its components. Now things will get very weird: 2) Complete reinstall of P3D v3.0 and with all of the addons The problem was kinda "fixed". I guess it was, but I can't be sure as you will see in the following. PMDG 737 worked and joystick wouldn't crash on me anymore. [update to P3D v3.1] Purchase and installation of PMDG 777-200/F The problem came BACK! This was so weird... the PMDG 777 now had the exact, EXACT same problem as the 737 had on the first install (see 1) ) It didn't matter whether ASNext, AivlaSoft, PFPX or TOPCAT were running or not. 1-2 hours into the flight, or even just standing still on the runway, the joystick would stop working. Opening windows would result in: So I began to search the internet again, tried all sorts of stuff but eventually read that PMDG and KERNELBASE.dll couldn't really be connected, I decided to try to get rid of the KERNELBASE.dll problem with reinstalling WINDOWS 7! And with that, things got even worse.. or even more weird 3) Reinstalling windows 7 and with that P3D v3.1 as well Installed all of my addons as well as PMDG 737 and 777 and I thought all was working wonderfully, as I flew with the 737 from EKCH-LGAV and everything was fine. On final approach into LGAV I got a new error: I wasn't worried too much, since my joystick didn't fail on me. And I blamed the xactengine3_4.dll error on FS2Crew. So I happily started a new flight the next day as suddenly my joystick stoped working 1 hour into the flight. I was shocked. I went ahead and opened up a menu, which would cause the KERNELBASE.dll problem on the old windows 7, but the sim just shut down without any error. No error in eventviewer, no error, absolutly nothing. I did some more testing: Aerosoft Airbus (7 hours of flight time since windows 7 reinstall) and PMDG 777 (5 hours of testing) are working fine so far. To sum this all up: 1) PMDG 737 Joystick problem + KERNELBASE 2) PMDG 737 is fine, PMDG 777 Joystick problem + KERNELBASE 3) PMDG 737 Joystick problem WITHOUT KERNELBASE problem Some more information: I tested 2 Saitek X52, both with same results, so I don't think my joystick is broken. Furthermore the joystick works when again when I restart P3D and it works in windows all the time. I tested 1 and 2, with and without the Saitek drivers and right now I won't install them again, since the problem occured with and without the drivers already back in my old OS. Furthermore uninstalling Saitek Drivers is a pain and I don't need and don't want them on my system anymore. This is pretty much all I know at this point. If you made it this far, I really really thank you for reading this, maybe someone has a solution for this very weird problem. Greetings, Franz-Niklas Büter #Edit 1: Added full name
  11. Well, that escalated quickly... You can still check, what UGCX does in EDDL. Don't leave me hanging on that. I've never put so much effort into a forum post, like I did on page 30. haha
  12. FSDreamteam manages to solve these problems with GSX for their own FSDreamteam Airports. And Aerosoft manages to solve them with AES as well, they have specific routes for every airport they support. So there are some ways to solve this, and I guess, for a payware addon which main focus is pushback, there should be perfect pushback. Again guys, please don't get me wrong, you are doing an awesome job, and I am "complaining" on the highest level, but still... would be awesome if it was perfect.
  13. Hey guys GSX provides exactly that, but there are places where this just won't work. So let me get back to my example: Dusseldorf I tried it with GSX and without addon scenery. Gate C01 The pushback works, after some hilarious and ridiculous moves from the pushback driver you actually look into the right direction. It's really really bad, but it works, kinda. Second test was with Addon scenery: EXACTLY the same pushback, exactly. So you can test it on standard scenery in EDDL Gate C01. There is a general problem with certain gate "layouts". It's not really a specific airport. Here is a picture from FSDreamteam GSX Documentation: EDDL Gate C03 is a completly different story, because there is enough space to push. It's not the problem which is shown in the picture above. My guess is that scenery reading leads to some confusion. (Tested with standard and addon scenery) My guess is, that those 3 red possibilitys lead to some kind of confusion. Green is the actual GSX Pushback, which is really unrealistic. Please remember that EDDL is just an example, and I don't want to get EDDL fixed at all costs, my intention is to draw your attention to a problem with "scenery reading". Maybe you don't even have these problems, which would be awesome
  14. That's a googlemaps picture. Try Aerosofts Mega Airport Düsseldorf and try to pull of a realistic pushback from C03 or C01. I don't know how it is with Default scenery... It's more a layout issue rather than a specific airport issue, at least in GSX. GSX doesn't know how to push you from C01 for example, except on FSDreamteam Airports (they customized all those kind of positions there).