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  1. Oh my gosh! It is assigned to elevator trim up!. LOL. Thank you so much icemarkom! You are a lifesaver and a genius! I appreciate your response very much,. Have a great day! Allan Hallsson
  2. Hi. I have searched the forums for this problem but can't find any results. I have been flying the PMDG 747 for years now. It performs almost flawlessly. However, when I join a VATSIM session and go to takeoff, I have almost no control of the aircraft. It pitches up violently and crashes. I never have this kind of response at any time else. I have been a member of VATSIM for years, but have only recently really started [trying] to fly on the network. I would appreciate any help. Thanks Allan Hallsson
  3. Thank you. Sorry to have bothered everyone..I will withdraw my question. Steven Hallsson
  4. Hi everyone. I have been flying the Queen [400] since 2012. A few weeks ago, my independent FSX hard drive crashed and I had to replace it. {I operate Win7 64bit}. Of course as soon as I loaded up the new hard drive, Gosh what a task that was...I immediately installed the Queen. Here is my problem. After setting up the FMC and departing, the aircraft will not track on course. It slip shadows the magenta line and eventually does arrive at the right airport, but it will not line up with the extended rwy centerline and land. I have screen shots to show, but can't figure out how to load them in this forum. Sorry. I also searched the forums for answers but can't find any posts. I hope my description of the problem hits a nerve with someone that can shed some light on what is happening. Thanks for your help in advance everyone. In the mean time, I will continue to drudge away into the problem......been at it now for about 30 hours or so. Take care. S.A. Hallsson
  5. Immediately after I installed cycle 1606 rev1, my PMDG 747-400 will not get on course. all of my other PMDG products don't have any issues. On every approach, anywhere, I am lined up far off center and need to take back control manually to land. I am trying to figure out how to manually install 1606 rev 1. I have downloaded it but haven't yet figured out what to do next. I am sure I will. Just wanted to say I have has some issues also. Keep the shiney side up pilots! Allan Hal
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