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  1. Hi all, I recently tweaked the "realism" setting on my FSX up to full right. Previous to this they'd all been around 75% give or take on "custom" setting. After doing this, I'm having a problem where the aircraft will not hold a pitch attitude, but instead wants to constantly oscillate up and down. For instance, if I adjust my pitch and power to climb, when I bring the nose up and put in some trim, whereas it would once stay more or less where I put it, it now wants to pitch back down severely, then back up, then back down, then back up, etc. I went ahead and dropped the realism settings all down to medium, lower than they were initially, and the problem persists regardless of where I put the settings. For some reason, out of nowhere, on take off the nose wants to pitch way down as if it were trimmed all the way nose down, and then when in the air I'm constantly having to fight this up and down oscillation to try and keep the nose where I want it. Anyone ever experienced this before? The planes I fly most often are the stock Cub, the stock F/A-18 (which is less susceptible but still exhibits the behaviour), a payware T-6 Texan II, and a free model of a Schweizer 2-33. All were fine before, all are now mucked up in pitch stability. Any thoughts?