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  1. EpicDewd

    Tutorial Requests

    Okay it looks like I can't find a way to edit my own post, but I finished up my first tutorial. It's Approach Plates 101. This tutorial will show you the basics of reading an approach plate. In this example I use an ILS/LOC approach. Tomorrow I'm making a tutorial on how to fly this exact approach! I'll take any feedback also. Constructive criticism please. - Also read the readme/disclaimer in the PDF. If you're going to share, give them MY download link, don't go reuploading the file somewhere else (I'm going to be making updates to these PDF files frequently, hosted on my own server) tldr; Made a tutorial on approach plates, info should be 100% valid. Correct if wrong. Download here!
  2. EpicDewd

    Tutorial Requests

    So, I thought I'd introduce myself by asking the AVSim community what you guys would like for flying tutorials. A little background info: I'm a freshly Instrument Rated private pilot. I also like playing my fair share of X-Plane and a tiny bit of Prepar3D. I'd like to make my own tutorials (Text tutorials with graphics, not videos) because I feel they are easier to follow (If well done) without pausing a video every minute. So any tutorial requests that you guys would like to see? (More on the IFR side of flying, but I'll do other things!) Just an FYI, I'll probably have them in PDF format, but probably a dedicated forum post in the Flight School section here. Also, I tried looking for the posting rules for the forum. Couldn't find them, just wanted to make sure I'm not breaking any by posting this here.