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  1. bonanza

    AI Traffic Interation

    I hope and guess that the future day Pilot2ATC will be able to communicate with and control AI Traffic, it will be the one-and-only solution for nearly all flight simmers who wants to talk naturally to ATC and will get a superseller! :) Hope dies last!
  2. bonanza

    AI Traffic Interation

    Hello fellow simmers, I’ve found a workaround for me that „combines“ Pilot2ATC control for my flight with controlled UTlive AI traffic in Prepar3Dv4.2: Since UTlive AI traffic „reacts“ on the position of my own airplane regarding gate, taxiway and runway use, the risk of „collisions“ of AI traffic with my own airplane or „overtaking“ is nearly eliminated (sometimes exceptions possible as you know 😉 ) This reaction requires an ATC control of all UTLive AI traffic. As known this cannot be achieved by Pilot2ATC so we need another possibility to control UTlive AI traffic, ideally with SIDs etc. In my case this is Pro-ATC/X. So I define a flightplan with PFPX and import it into Pilot2ATC. Here I add SID, STAR and flight level, verify the flightplan, export it again and file it. This exported flightplan will be used for my FMC and will also be imported into my Pro-ATC/X software. This software is able to handle the UTlive AI traffic mostly correctly while being aware of my own aircraft’s position. Since Pilot2ATC, the FMC and Pro-ATC/X are now using the same flightplan, waypoints, routes and frequencies are the same. That means that I can interact with Pilot2ATC to handle my flight while Pro-ATC/X handles all UTlive AI traffic. I can also choose between listening to Pilot2ATC chatter or AI traffic conversation with Pro-ATC/X. In the second case the only hardware change I’ve made is a physical interrupt to the speaker that plays the AI traffic sounds while I’m sending commands to Pilot2ATC via PTT. Or you use Pilot2ATC chatter only and mute Pro-ATC/X sounds for AI traffic. As you like. Important is an identical ACARS set for all instances but that should be mandatory. This combination of both ATC programs works great for me in a networked environment with Pilot2ATC via FSUIPC on the same client as Pro-ATC/X and ASP4 via Simconnect 😊 Additionally I’ll test and report if the Pilot2ATC flightplan in Pro-ATC/X is maybe unnecessary because UTlive AI traffic should be controlled in every case... Best regards Bon
  3. bonanza

    AI Traffic Interation

    Hi Dave, I've intensively tested P2ATC in Prepar3Dv4.2 for the last 10 days and I have to say that I'm very very impressed! A great software so far. The only thing that holds me from buying yet is the fact that P2ATC isn't be able to control addon's AI. I've bought UTlive some months ago what works perfectly in P3Dv4. Are there any plans to integrate a cooperation between P2ATC and UTlive in the future to have its AI aircraft also controlled by P2ATC and readbacks in SayIt style? If that would work P2ATC would be a superseller and the one of the best immersions on P3D. Thanks in advance for your answer :) Best regards, Bon
  4. Hello cockpit builder fellows, I'm selling my linings for the Main Instrument Panel (MIP) of an Airbus® A320 series home cockpit. If you are interested in, please go to the following link: - For MIP of A318, A319, A320, A321 home cockpits - Realistic dimensions and realistic look - Consisting of five segments: CPT side, F/O side, center section, speaker panel CPT and F/O - Very lightweight but hard plastic, vacuformed for 3D design - Notches for all displays: PFD, ND, EWD, SD - Notches for Gear, Clock, Stby Instruments etc. - Attachable via velcro tape, doublesided-adhesive tape or screws - RAL painted, a few small but repairable paint bugs on some edges - Insured Euro-wide shipping in solid package, shipping to other countries on request Thank you for your interest and always happy landings! Best regards, Bon