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  1. Ok Gents, found the solutiomn :-) I renamed the three files from dxgi.dll, dxgi.log and dxgi.ini into d3d11.dll, d3d11.log and d3d11.ini and since then it works like a charme. Hope that could help someone else too. :-) Cheers Mutz
  2. Ok first of all thanks for your answer. Thats right PTA with reshade. Unfortunately this had no effect. Still blocked at the start up screen. :-( Other ideas? Cheers Mutz
  3. Since I installed the shaders in to P3DV4 it does not startup anymore. It stops at 61.5 MB loading :-) If I deactivate the dxgi.dll then the simulator works, but in the simulator I cannot activate PTA with Shift F2, therefore I cannot activate the presets (--> tutorial Pilot pete). Any ideas? Some help is appreicated. Cheers Mutz
  4. Gents Frist of all keep up the good work, I like the programm vey much and understand that it is an Alpha version. My issues is that since the update 2 before the one today (06.02) chaseplane (exp. v0.1.604) takes for ever to load. If it is loaded, both LED in TrackIr are light up, but the movemnts do not happen. every 3-5 Min it works for 10 sec. and thean it blocks again. So for me it is for the moment unuasable and I have to de-install it. My Specs: WIN 10Home Ver 1607, 64 bit CPU i7-5930, @4.38 MHz (6 core) NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 I have steady 30 FPS (limited) wiht almost all planes, using P3D V3.4 without the last update (SLi), as TACPAC is not yet upgraded to this version. I am running TACPAC, AS16, Soft clouds from REX and the Flightsim commander Version 9.6 Rev.7 Divers Saitek Panels, etc Joystick is the Saitek x-65F and the Cessna yoka from Siatek, Maybe it helps. Cheers Mutz