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  1. Thanks for the explanation and the fix. Appreciate the response. Kind Regards.
  2. Solved.....Got it fixed with an re-installation of the aircraft. Thanks
  3. Hello. How do I fix transparent textures in the Carenado Phenom 300 in FSX SE? Just purchased the aircraft and upon loading it I can see thru the fuselage? Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I just looked at Carenado site and the price is back up to 39.95.. I don't think its worth the hassle at this price point. Thanks.
  5. I do have the GTN 750 so hopefully all will not be lost if I do go ahead with the purchase. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the quick responses. Regards.
  6. Is the Carenado Phenom 300 a good buy now? Its currently listed for 30% off holiday sale and I was wondering if all the issues have been addressed and fixed by Carenado.I recently purchased the C525A but was not able to get the Navigraph database installed so I am thinking of the 300. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
  7. I never got it to load from the first installation. I have flown the AC but without the use of the FMC database. I got a generic response from Carenado saying its a permission issue and to check out the Knowledge base for a work around but I was unsuccessful so far. I am going to try to add the GTN 750 mod that was done by the forum members and hopefully I will be able to use the AC. Thanks for the response. Regards.
  8. I recently purchased the 525A but I can't get the FMS database to load. Reading through the forums it appears that this is a known problem but nothing works. I have opened a ticket with Carenado but I have not received a response three days later. There are two errors that appears during the install..... **Error object reference not set to an instance of an object **Access to the path c:\users\name\appdata\roaming is denied I am trying to install to the Steam edition of FSX and did all the pointing to the correct FSX folder. The aircraft loads fine its just the nav database is blank. The progress is stuck on 0 percent. This addon was specifically purchased because of the FMC capability and its upgradable database with a Navigraph subscription. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.