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  1. Ah,fair... that's a shame. Not a huge fan of the lack of VNAV and airways on F1s G1000. thanks anyway.
  2. I'm just about ready to go nuts. Been reading every line of the helpful pages on the Mindstar website on how to retrofit their G1000 into other aircraft but I'm seriously at a loss. I'm not a programmer and I'm not very familiar with the logic of how games work. I'm really not good at it. Can someone please help me out? It's supposedly easy since they already have the Mustang profile. But I'm at a loss. http://www.mindstaraviation.com/G1000_INI.html#G1K_STYLE http://www.mindstaraviation.com/G1000_Retrofit.html I am working on it even as I write this post and will continue to do so, but I have a nasty feeling I won't get anywhere. Please help me... plez...
  3. Hello. Doing a clean install on an updated OS, same machine. Installed the G1000. Whenever I open a mindstar G1000 aircraft I get an error on the PFD: ADVANCED LICENSE REQUIRED REASON CODE: 16 This is a home simulator, no commercial use whatsoever. Not sure how to proceed
  4. Hi there, I'm having the exact same issue with FSX. I would really appreciate the help. Willing toget the Mindstar Remote support thing going too
  5. Working on a project and need some data from flight simmers on how they use their flight simulator. Would love it if some of you guys were to fill out this short survey. It's only 10 questions long and should only take about 5 minutes. You would be of huge assistance! Thank you! PS thank you if you've seen this on facebook and already responded
  6. Hey guys. I'm having trouble with vox atc. I save a flight plan in the fsx flight planner (eww) but when i start voxatc i dont get the option of opening a flight plan. I only get the option to do a local flight or do traffic patterns. This is vox atc v6 btw Heeelp please :(
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