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  1. I've just purchased the GTN 750 so that I can use it while flying the Flysimware's Learjet 35A in VR using Oculus Rift. However; since adding it to the panel my frame rates drop to a point where I continually get an hourglass popping up and the screen stutters to a point where it is unflyable. I'm running Intel Core i7-8700K Liquid Cooled CPU, 11GB GDDR5X NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPU, Windows 10 Professional, 1TB PCIe SSD + 2TB 7200RPM HDD, 64GB DDR4 RAM
  2. Reverted to the prior version and they all work update and none of them display. What may have changed with this update that could cause that? Is there required settings? I've tried adjusting the P3D display settings as well to no avail.
  3. Yes, none of the default paint schemes will display.
  4. I've installed the Lear 35 v 4.2A update from my Simmarket account. I verified my P3D version 4.3 installed the update successfully and rebooted but it says the visual model could not be displayed! I'm running an Intel Core i7-8700K Liquid Cooled CPU, 11GB GDDR5X NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPU graphics card, Windows 10 Professional, 512GB PCIe SSD and 2TB 7200RPM HDD, 32GB DDR4 RAM.
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