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  1. Poor show !!! BE aware it doesn't look like there is any more to complete the programme we bought!
  2. I have just had a response to this from FSLabs. (how quick was that ~ 10 mins!!) They are looking into this problem and will be sorting it! here's what was said: "A publicly available version suitable for 4.5.13 is not yet available but is currently being tested. The FSL team are all at the Flight Simulator show in UK this weekend, therefore any public release will not be made this weekend. We suggest you roll back to 4.5.12 which is fully supported." Many thanks Norman for speedy reply. I'd still like to know if any other add-on producers have / are producing fixes for this??
  3. I have just installed the P3dv4.5 Hotfix 2 Client and when I came to load the FSLabs A320X, which I use all the time I received this error message: Flight Sim Labs DLLs - Unsupported Prepar3D version Has anyone else received this? Does anyone know of a fix? I have emailed FSLabs but so far received to reply, and can find nothing around anywhere. The Hotfix was released just a week or so ago. I'd be interested to know if this affects anyonelses planes or systems, and which updates from add-on suppliers are available so far?
  4. OK thanks, I get the MAXED out graphics problem. So for minimum cost and max benefit would you change GPU to RTX or CPU to higher i7 or even i9? OR just get a better complete system?? The system works pretty well but I run 4 screens, 3 +1 on the GTX980 and I'm wondering if this is a limiting factor.
  5. I am thinking about improving my computer hardware to improve performance of P3Dv4 so that I can max out graphics, especially with payware airplanes and scenery. I already have a fairly high spec. The question is do I upgrade some components like the GPU (RTX2070) or CPU (latest i7) or both, or do I get a new system designed for flight simulation?? My current spec is: Asus X99-A Motherboard AMI BIOS Intel Core i7-5820K CPU @3.30Ghz O/C to 4.3 GHz 100Mhz Water cooled Corsair 2400 DDR4 16GB RAM (4 x 4096MB) GeForce GTX 980 GPU 4GB GDDR5 memory G7 Power Extreme 780 watt PSU Windows 10 Professional I have no SSD's but have 3 hybrid HDD's( 1-2 TB) Any thoughts would be most welcome. Many thanks
  6. I had the same problem hang! Using Lorby's tool I foud several duplicate entries. Once deleted the indexer ran fine. Thanks for your tips - they worked.
  7. OOOps apologies Keven, Never was good with names. Thanks again. Jeff
  8. Mine seems to be behaving better also, after deleting the folder and letting it rebuild them. ChasePlane no longer seems to be duplicating views. Thanks Kevin - hoping this is a permanent fix!
  9. OK done that and its re-written the folder again. I'll run it today and report back Thanks again for replies. JEff
  10. By %appdata% folder do you mean the C:\Users\$name$\AppData\Roaming\OldProp Solutions inc folder? I take it that this is meant to remove conflict between local data and cloud data making the cloud data rule. But will this prove to be a long term solution as the local folders will no doubt be re-written and conflict later??? I'll try this anyway. Thanks
  11. Glad to hear its not just me! Maybe Kevin has a solution ....
  12. Why does Chaseplane KEEP changing my settings??? I flew the Carenado Phenom for the first time yesterday. I had issues with TWO preset cockpit views linking together. There was an 'Autopilot' preset I imported from another of my planes which I renamed to 'Switches'. Then this 'Switches' preset decided (?) to rename itself to 'Pilot' so I had 2 'Pilot' presets, and neither worked properly ! So I deleted both 'Pilot' presets, remade one as 'Pilot' again and re-assigned it to a button (on orbweaver). Then I remade another preset for the switches but called it 'Electrics' this time. All worked OK after this yesterday. Today I have just booted up my computer and opened P3d v4.2, and just as the scenario screen opened this message appeared from Chaseplane (which autoboots with P3d): DISCREPANCIES WERE FOUND ""We found some discrepancies between what's in the cloud and what you have locally. The following presets were modified in your collection to reflect what's in the cloud Added 'Autopilot' in Carenado E50P EMB500 Phenom 100 Removed 'Electrics' in Carenado E50P EMB500 Phenom 100"" WHY WHY WHY? Why does ''the cloud'' have to change everything back again - and not have a button which ALLOWS me to say NO DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING PLEASE?? This is not the first time I have had similar changes or corrections made on booting Chaseplane. However I have clear recollections of what I had done previously WRT this one. I used to run the Beta versions but named assignments feature seemed to mess up all my key assignments, so now I'm on the release versions which is kept up to date. Can you help to shed any light on this problem please?? Many thanks in advance......
  13. Just re-installed MCE after a gap of a few years . I'm having problems with the ATC! I tried assigning a PTT joystick button and it captured my button 9 and produced a continuous tone when pressed, which continued when released. I had to close FSX to get rid of the tone. I re-installed MCE and made sure I did not attempt to set a joystick button but went instead for the DELETE key option. However on pressing this I again get a continuous tone, which does stop when I release the key, but ATC hear nothing. There is no 'squelch' in out as described. Voice control with the co-pilot works OK in the short tests I have done. Has anyone experienced similar and know a fix?? Thanks in anticipation Jeff
  14. 'Chaseplane won't work with this version of p3d ' I have installed P3d v4.1.7.22841 and today - only today - Chaseplane has announced it won't work with this version??? Is anyone else having this problem? Minutes before this (~13.15 GMT) I could not connect at all to the servers for the libraries. Are these two things related? Any help to get back to using Chaseplane (amazing software) appreciated.
  15. Hi, is there any way to save different sets of control assignments. I use a yolk for my aircraft flying and a saitek X52 joystick for heli flying. That means I have to re-set the hat assignments each time I switch craft. It would be useful to save different sets of key / joystick assignments with the views! GREAT PRODUCT - by the way!
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