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  1. Do you still have these errors. I have a similar problem, and I have a feeling that this might be doing something bad to the sims performance or function. The ContentErrors.txt is filled with probably around 7-800 errors. I do not see anything in my VC though - everything looks normal there. Anyhow, in a programmers perspective its very bad when debugging spits out error messages. I've managed to get rid of some of these script errors by removing comments in the G1000_Config.XML files (// type comments in XML-files is by my opinion a bad idea, even if they are inside tags). To be able to edit the files you have to expand the cab in the gauges directory and make a directory with the same name containing the files in the cab. You also have to rename the cab itself, so that the simulator uses the directory instead of the cab. The cab is called PA46_G1000N or PA46_G1000 depending on wether you use the Navigraph extension or not respectively. The problem is to fix the other files. These are spb (propdefs) files which has to be converted to xml before editing. I have converted one of them and been poking around in it without being able to see that there where any errors in the file. I am really starting to wonder if there is something really wrong with the error parsing mechanism in P3D - the commenting mentioned earlier should not actually be a problem - even though I try to avoid them in xml. Comments in xml are normally in HTML style "<!-- --> and not the // style that is used here"