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  1. riomaulik

    MCP problem

    Hi, another thing, how do we shift control to each other and how come only the captain gets access to changing certain things under the addons menu?
  2. riomaulik

    MCP problem

    Ok it works great after disabling firewall. Thanks a lot for your help.
  3. riomaulik

    MCP problem

    No, it only starts as soon as Desk Pilot enables shared cockpit. Also, nothing is synced and we cannot see any changes the other is making. We have both edited edited the options file according to the instructions and are using Hamachi to connect .Also the parking brake symbol appears and disappears spontaneously.
  4. riomaulik

    MCP problem

    My partner and I cannot make it work on v1.43. The cockpit has shadows appearing and disappearing.