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  1. sagedesigner

    Glide Slope intercept

    Thanks for all the research and responses. I have been referring to current plates not those from 2006.
  2. sagedesigner

    Glide Slope intercept

    I will try your suggestion thanks
  3. sagedesigner

    Glide Slope intercept

    Runway 36 at Napa Airport in California I have also tried flying the localizer well below the presumed glide slope maintaining 400 AGL to the runway threshold but still do not get GS pickup. ILS frequency for 36 is 111.3
  4. sagedesigner

    Glide Slope intercept

    New to FSX sim flying. Have been unable to have the glide slope picked up when attempting an ILS approach. I get the horizontal locator and can fly that to the designated runway but never get glide slope data. I have confirmed the proper setting in nav 1. Please what am I missing. Flying the 172 (non G1000).
  5. sagedesigner

    Loss of steering control during taxi

    Flying the 172, Saitek yoke, Saitek rudder pedals. Thanks
  6. sagedesigner

    G1000 HSI issue in Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    I have not actually flown an airplane with the g1000 but if the airplane is clean and within normal operating ranges level flight should put the airplanes cursor dead on the indicated horizon. At least I think so. Use of the VSI and altimeter are confirming instruments I believe.
  7. sagedesigner

    Loss of steering control during taxi

    This happens at very low taxi speed. In many cases I taxi hands off the ailerons and it still happens. If I use the differential brake it will cause loss of steering control also.
  8. I am a new sim flyer. During take off rudder steering is normal. After landing during taxi the airplane aileron flip radically and the plane goes into an uncontrollable taxi. Please how to get rid of the issue. Thanks
  9. When flying an aircraft equipped with G1000 equipment and flying dead on the indicated horizon the result is a descending airplane. Any else with the issue and or the fix? Thanks. New to sim flying and Microsoft Flight Simulator
  10. sagedesigner

    artificial horizon issue

    New user so forgive me if this subject has been covered before. When flying a g1000 equiped aircraft and you place the attitude indicator on the shown horizon and hold it there results in a decent, not level flight. What am i doing wrong? Thanks. Steve