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  1. Simon30

    Program Pin Error In SP1d

    And sorry once again: Problem not solved :angry: . Tonight, I took off alright with the right RWY and SiD assigned as desribed above but on approach I got the program pin error message once again as soon as I tried to assign the RWY for approach in DEP/ARR. Any help is still much appreciated. I wonder if this can be connected with some kind of error in the latest Navigraph AIRAC cycle (1504)?
  2. Simon30

    Program Pin Error In SP1d

    No, sorry, not "Program Fix Error" but "Program pin error" - my mistake... Anyway, I think I solved the problem (for me anyway) and here`s how in case other might have the same problem: Before, I used to activate and excecute BEFORE entering DEP/ARR and assigning RWY and SiD.This was in aacordance with the checklist I use and this procedure worked for me. Now, I have to wait activating and excecuting until both the FPLAN, the RWY and SiD all are assigned. Apparently, I can avoid the program pin error this way. I´m not sure why but come to think of it it I admit seems more logical....
  3. Simon30

    Program Pin Error In SP1d

    I have similar problems and use PRO-ATC/X as well. When loading the flight plan to the FMC the PROGRAM FIX ERROR message appears when I try loading the SiD. Today, I took off without the SiD assigned and I could from the directions from PRO-ATC/X hear the problem is related to the FMC in the plane, not PRO-ATC/X. Navigraph is updated to the latest cycle for both PRO-ATC/X and PMDG. Same problem on approach for landing. I really hope that somebody will come ud with a fix for this...
  4. Simon30

    PMDG 737 NGX and Shockwave

    Hi all, I need some help to get Shockwave Redux for FSX work with PMDG 737-800W. From the Shockwave manual: PANEL.CFG Add the following line at the bottom of the [VCockpit01] section changing 'XX' to the next available number gaugeXX=shockwave_lights!SW Lights, 1,1,1,1 //shockwave light However, in my panel.cfg there is no [VCockpit01] section - in fact, this all I find: [fltsim] alias=PMDG 737-800NGX\panel Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance... :smile: Simon
  5. Simon30

    Virtualcol Saab 340

    I´ve just purchased the Virtualcol Saab 340 and here´s a strange problem: After take off with condition lever set to MAX the throttle slowly moves from take off power to idle at approx. 1000 feet. Nothing helps - not even hitting F4 or F3 constantly. It´rs not a problem related to the electric circuit: Battery and lights are on all the way...Any help is much appreciated - thanks an advance...
  6. Simon30

    Alarm sound on takeoff-roll

    Thanks a lot for all your inputs. I think my problem most likely was related to the ground spouler interlock valve - flaps were 5 and the trim was set according to the FMC.
  7. Simon30

    Alarm sound on takeoff-roll

    I really hope somebody can help me with this: When I´m beginning the take-off roll by setting the N1 power through TO/GA-mode (Shift+Ctrl+G) an alarm sets off. It continues all the way down the runway but as soon as I get airborne it stops and I can continue the flight as planned via the FMC. Probably some obvious reason for this but any help will be much appreciated. Thanks a lot...
  8. Simon30

    Auto Fail - Pressurization Controller

    Thanks a lot - think I got it solved now. I was not aware of the difference between having the packs on or auto so here´s a place to start :-). Otherwisse, I´ll follow the checklist. Once again: Thanks a lot...
  9. When at cruising altitude the alarm sets off and I realize that someting has gone wrong with the pressurization controller. Crusing altitude goes back from 34000 feet to ----- and the same goes for landing altitude - from 50 til -----. Above Auto Fail lits up. How do I keep the pressurization controller working when flying? I thought it had to do with the packs coming back on after engine start but tht´s not the problem. Any help is much appreciated - thanks in advance Simon
  10. Simon30

    Newbie - license and engine problem

    Sorry about the alarm: I'm actually not sure how I did it but anyway: I've succeeded in loading the plane, read the tutorial for the EGKK-EHAM flight and everything worked like a charm the whole flight through. Great...:-). I can only say: Better late than never that I bought this product - it will be my favourite for a long time. After the tutorial flight I just wonder why my nosewheel is stuck after landng and not able to steer? I´ve searched the net for answers but can´t seem to find anything apart from some hints about the hydraulic system? The steering was perfect before takeoff...thanks in advance...
  11. Simon30

    Newbie - license and engine problem

    ...more info: The only file in question I´m allowed to exclude in my A/V is the fsx.cfg. When I try to exclude fsx.exe or located in C/users/Local/Temp/Temp4 (from installation of PMDG today) is not alllowed as it is regarded "a serious serurity risk to the system"...
  12. I´ve recently purchased the PMDG 737NGX as well as the -600 and -700 series. They´re are now installed - and re-installed after experiencing the following problem - under Windows 8 and I am running FSX as administrator. And I´ve read both the introduction and use as well as tutorial 1 manuals. But apparently I can´t be registered as user - I´m continuosly asked to write the activation code. I´ve followed the advices in the introduction about the FSX.cfg, optimized the .cfg file via the tool from and set the settings in FSX as recommended. Only thing I´m a bit uncertain about is the whether or not II´v excluded my FSX.cfg file in my A/V software (McAfee). Is it likely that this is why my registration code isn´t accepted? Thanks in advance Simon