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  1. From someone who started sim flying with Microsoft Flight Simulator 1: While I think your graphics are perhaps as good as any (regardless of platform) and I love the commercial jets, flying heavy jets in IF is pointless. Heavy jets fly long routes, not short hops. Given the limitation of the platform, maybe travel between purchased, detailed, scenery could be accomplished using a generic terrain design that does not intrude on the memory limitations of the platform so hard. I have a 128G IPad Air, so this isn't a problem except for long downloads, but large realistic "flyover country" might be a problem for others. If that is unfeasible, maybe more emphasis is needed on general aviation aircraft rather than long haul jets. I have noticed a few quirks that are rather unrealistic in your flight model. For instance, landing a Cessna with full flaps at low airspeeds, one can generate bounces that continue almost until the aircraft stops completely - not quite what really happens. Aircraft won't fly if below stall speed no matter how hard you bounce them. This is just a minor thing that indicates there is still some tweaking needed to the flight algorithms. Overall though, for a great flight experience in a portable device that doesn't need water cooling (!) IF is great. Keep up the good work. BTW your graphics blows X-Plane for IPad out of the water - as does almost everything else about IF. Congratulations.
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