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  1. Debowing

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    My personal wish is for a B747 SP. A beuatiful classic aircraft that has never been done,
  2. Debowing

    Blinking Cursor of Death

    Better not use the AFE, learn the procedures and you dont need the AFE...I only use the AFE to park the plane.
  3. Debowing

    Instrument Power

    Yes thank you my inverters where not on. George Joachim
  4. Debowing

    Gentlemen DO activate

    I was getting the activation prompt and even though I pasted and typed the code the DC 6 was not activating, even though it would load. The reason it was not activating is that no proper internet connection was available. Still, I assumed the plane was activated. Some really funky things were going om, notably a guzzling fuel consumption and dying engines half way to the runway. The tanks were being emptied! I have activated it now and the fuel consumption is back to normal so please, make sure it is properly activated otherwise you will be disappointed.
  5. Debowing

    Instrument Power

    Turning on the instrument power using the three switches with the red bar turns on the noisy whine. Is that normal? And the red indicator light is always on, indicating that there is no power to the instruments. Turning the AFE on or off did not affect this.
  6. Debowing

    new version 747 for v3 and V4

    It does and says that according to my registry the installed version is not V4 and this release only works with V4 and aborts.
  7. Debowing

    new version 747 for v3 and V4

    I too wish to install the new version of the PMDG QOTS 744 into my Prepar3d V3.4 However, the file downloaded PMDG QOTS 744 will only install into Prepar3d V4, which I am not ready to purchase at this stage. Is there an updated PMDG QOTS 744 that works with Prepar3d V3.4 or do I have to revert to the older PMDG QOTS 744 version installed. Unfortunately I removed the PMDG QOTS 744 which was already installed, and I am left with no PMDG QOTS 744. I hope it's understandable.