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  1. darren46

    low start vas/ age old ooms

    hi guys thanks for the replies I will try your recommendations and post back the one thing that bothers me is that I thought that on a 64 bit system fsx uses all 4 gb of vas but when I start up it is no where near that. regards Darren
  2. my rig is Gigabyte z170 mb intel i56600k clocked to 4.0ghz 8gb of ram GeForce gtx 1060 3gb 1 tb hd 250gb ssd for fsx Hi all wondering if someone can help I am having trouble with vas allocation I'm running fsx on windows 10 64 with a separate 250gb ssd drive for fsx and a 1tb main drive for os and everything else however I'm now getting seriousomms I cannot fly from uk200 jersey to uk2000 Birmingham with pmdg ngx 737 without the dreaded out of memory when decending into Birmingham I admit I have a large addon index however with scenery editor I turn off everything and only have egjj on egbb on and England orbx on. ive used a vas monitor and I noticed that when I loaded the flight it was staring with only about 1.7 gig vas ive downloaded ntcore 4gb patch with this it starts at 3gb vas with a default aircraft but then drops to just below 2gb when I select the ngx 737 surly with all other addons off I should get a better performance than this, I should point out my fsx is delux version with acceleration I only have a couple of fsx cfg tweeks the highmem=1 and affinity mask I hope there is enough info here sorry but I'm not very techy. Thanks Darren
  3. darren46

    age old dreaded oom help please

    hi all sorry not replied over the last few days but work busy anyway solved the problem of oom flying to Dublin after turning nearly eveything off I can just barly land with aerosoft dudlin then I tried reverting back to my old eiresim dudlin with most things selected including orbx vector and hey presto full flight to the gate at eidw not a ping in earshot and just under a gig of memory left, I would like to really thank you all for your your massive help you've been reall kind and to rafal your correct sir about the demands of aerosoft dublin thanks Darren
  4. darren46

    age old dreaded oom help please

    Hi rafal what you say about the airport may make sense as ive made other flights from Bristol to schipol and managed it right to the gate this obviously meaning no region orbx in this area just orbx global and vetor Hi Ray thanks for your advice I have been thinking of ticking dx10 but previously I could never get the filtering good always jagged lines never smooth just one thing guys I have two drives a 1tb hhd with os on and others and a 250gb ssd dedicated to fsx as I say I'm not a pc techy so don't now if this is a problem
  5. darren46

    age old dreaded oom help please

    just a thought could letting fsx build a new scenery cfg help
  6. darren46

    age old dreaded oom help please

    Thanks for that Hussar ive down loaded ctdv3 and will look over it thanks for the pointers much appreciated Darren
  7. darren46

    age old dreaded oom help please

    Thanks for that Dan8 I will take a look at this and let you know, also thanks Scianoir I will try your suggestions as well it is aerosoft Dublin I use. Thanks to both of you for your replies much appreciated this oom business is a nightmare for many .
  8. Hi ive been a fsx user for many years like many ive built up a large library of addons both airports planes and scenery my last rig was a very mediocre pc but never had many omm problems ive now got a new pc higher spec with windows 10 and now I cannot even make a short flight namely Bristol to Dublin without getting oomed on approach to Dublin ive read many threads and tried everything I use scenery config and turn almost everything off leaving only the two aiports on and orbx global . vector ,and England Ireland scenery but still arriving at Dublin oom this is now my set up gigabyte mobo z170 gaming i5 6600k running at 4.3ghz NVidia GeForce 10603gb memory 8 gb I know more info is probably needed and I will try and answer anything as best I can but I'm not a real techy when it comes to pc stuff/ the only tweak I have is fsx cfg highmem fix and lod 5.5 forgot to add the plane I use is pmdg 737 many thanks Darren
  9. darren46

    terrain mesh

    hi all just wondering if anyone has some advise I'm currently running fs global ultimate all regions and ftx all uk regions ftx lc Europe ftx global and global vector. jus wondering do I need all these together of just some and which would you recommend many thanks Darren