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  1. Soul02

    Annoying Clicking Sound

    lol yep I think you are right, going well ahead of myself so it seems. Thank you everyone for your replies, very helpful all of you
  2. Soul02

    Annoying Clicking Sound

    Yup your right, I take off on full And yes, hand flying until at a decent altitude and then engaging the auto pilot and auto-throttle. Wouldn't enabling the auto pilot and auto-throttle fix this problem though?
  3. Soul02

    Annoying Clicking Sound

    Thank you for the confirmation. The plane it is I was using is the "Project Open Sky Boeing 777-300ER". But this happens on all planes, and as im just getting used to things now its at various altitudes really - messing around for now So its not much info to go on.
  4. Soul02

    Annoying Clicking Sound

    Thanks for the replies guys, I have reduced the throttle speed already but still the message "over speed" never goes. Is there a certain speed it must be for it to finally go away? I dont really want to disable the "clicking sound" altogether but really know whats causing it, and how to stop it normally? Are they both related? the clicking sound and the message in the bottom right corner? Thanks again.
  5. Hey guys, I am new to this game and also this community, so first off hello to you all Now to my problem: After just getting FSX perfectly setup after watching guides, reading guides, and whatnot I am now getting into the flying part which is going quite well at the moment. But I have a problem after taking off, I get a clicking sound maybe like a warning or alarm for something? It also says in the bottom right corner with a red background about "over speed" if I remember correctly. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix this aswell as turning off this annoying sound or maybe preventing it from doing that? Thank you.
  6. Soul02

    FSX is absolutely awful

    For us newcomers mate, could you please link up some of these tweaking guides, thanks