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  1. I have concluded that enabling the AS16 option "realistic thunderstorm up and downdraft rate" made the Twin Otter not able to fly in the weather described above. If I disable the option, I am able to control the aircraft, but the winds are probably smoother than they were in real life. I think I'll keep the option on and avoid thunderstorms in the Twin Otter.
  2. Hi, Lately I have tried to fly the Aerosoft Twin Otter in rather extreme weather in FSX, both in Iceland and UK. Today I had several tries to fly from Stornoway (EGPO) to Barra (EGPR). The AS16 weather icon was showing thunderstorms around EGPO. The weather around the airport is reported by AS16 as: @POS 111250Z 27033G44KT 9999 -TSRA FEW014CB 05/00 Q0995 RMK ADVANCED INTERPOLATION FEW014CB extends to:36400 feet (Cloud type:CB, Turbulence:Severe, Icing:Moderate, Shear:Steep, Cloud shape:Anvil). Previous cloud: None, next cloud: None (Created directly, e.g. for thunderstorm weather or a hurricane) Just after passing 1000 feet AGL the IAS starts to go crazy. I try to keep the airspeed at turbulent air penetration speed of 136 KIAS, but the airspeed is moving extremely fast between the max speed red line (171 KIAS) and stall speed (66 KIAS). This is a span of more that 100 knots! The flights end either in an uncrecoverable stall or structural failure due to overstressed aircraft. In AS16 (build 6197) all my settings were according to REALISM mode, but I have tried to change the: - maximum wind turbulence from 100 to 50, - maximum wind shear from 100 to 50, and - turbulence effect scale from 70 to 50, but am still not able to survive this scenario. Would the Twin Otter be capable of flying in such severe turbulence? Is it realistic to have such peaks in wind speed given the above weather data (thunderstorm)? If not, any ideas how to set set the AS16 options to avoid these heavy jumps in airspeed and ultimately crash of FSX? Regards, Knut
  3. Hi, Scott, The current_wx_snapshot.txt can be found in: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\AS16_FSX\Weather Replace [username] by your Windows username. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. Just go to the options of FSBuild and enter the above path in: - line 32, ActiveSky-Wxre, and - line 33, ActiveSky Regards, Knut