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  1. I worked with support and found somewhat of a work around. As long as I modify one of the values in fsx.cfg ech time I open FSX then it works perfectly, otherwise it's a crap shoot on wheter the panels work or not in the other monitors. So I am happy for now...
  2. no nvidia on the machine. Yes, it is in Windowed mode and the res is same on my main monitor and FSX, the other monitors do have different res, but have no choice int hat matter due to screen size. Liek I said this only affect PMDG all other stock FSX aircraft are fine.
  3. Wonder if any one knows how to fix this issue. I recently bought&installed PMDG 777. I undock the CDU (for example) and it loads fine, but when I drag that undocked window into one of my other monitors in my home cockpit the undocked window goes black/blank. if I drag the window back to the main fs screen it loads fine there, just does not like to load on any of my other monitors. I have never experienced this before. in fact in a default FS aircraft it works fine, only in PMDG777. I thought I might of messed up something in FSX, so I did a total un-install of everything I own, reinstalled FSX, SP1, SP2, FSUIPC4, and PMDG777. Still get the same results. Specs: Win 7 64bit (up to date) 2 x ATI R7 260X (latest driver package) running 1 monitor on 1 card (main monitor) and running CDUII and 2nd monitor on 2nd card FSX is in windowed mode 8gb RAM