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  1. Rickshaw199

    FS2crew MCJQ400 voice input problem

    Sorry auto correct keeps messing me up. It's the Razor Kraken chroma 7.1. I'm thinking I'll just return it. I've had some issues with inconsistent volume also. Not too happy for 120 Canadian pesos. Thanks a lot for the help. Love the product you put out!
  2. Rickshaw199

    FS2crew MCJQ400 voice input problem

    Hey there, I did check the support page, the headset I have is the Kramer chroma which is a USB headset. And yes main panel voice button stays on. The only other thing I forgot to ad is that I've been using a turtle beach headset ( 3.5 mm jack style) for at least the last year and it has worked flawlessly.
  3. Hey they, I just bought a new Razor Kraken chroma 7.1 headset for my PC and since have not been able to get FS2CREW mjcQ400 version to pick up my voice. I have gone through the voice training several times and have ensured that the language is set to english - US. I get no green bar indicating the program has heard me. I have also selected my headset in the CFG menu. It's strange because when going through the profile training everything appears to work fine, It's not until I try to use FS2CREW that I have a problem. Any help would be much appreciated as I love using your program. my only other solution at this point is to return the headset and try another. Thanks