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  1. icampion

    nothing but a floating cockpit in exterior view

    Sounds like a good plan. Going to try one workaround I found online and then give it another go! Thanks. As for the profiles though, the dude is a pretty well known youtuber who posted them and they seem to work fine for him! Gotta love FSX and its addons!
  2. icampion

    nothing but a floating cockpit in exterior view

    I ran it, as mentioned-- no change.
  3. I use EZDok, and downloaded a profile for the 777 before I even tried out the aircraft. I get nothing but a floating cockpit in the exterior model and an aircraft shadow. That's it. I tried disabling EZDok-- no change. I also loaded some NGX profiles I have-- still no change. I have run the configurator tool but I get a notice to contact EZdok support about something about world camera locations. regardless, I've always gotten that error and it's still been fine with other aircraft. I am clueless as to the next step here. The aircraft works fine it seems, but I would really like to iron this problem out. Here's a screenshot for reference: