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  1. Ok now I really am stumped - followed the guide to the letter, and uninstalled FSX as stated (although for some reason the folders in steps 5,6 and 7 disappeared before I could delete them). Fresh install, did as guide said and installed it into a fresh 'C:/FSX' folder FSX run fine... installed acceleration... boom back to square one and crash with fatal error as before. I think I am going to have to admit defeat
  2. OK well I have the Gold Edition, so I just installed the basic FSX, and then the Acceleration add-on, so as far as I know, I never personally installed SP2 other then what Acceleration has
  3. Well I run the Framework packages tool, kept clicking next, it says that the tool has repaired the .NET Frameworks found on this computer, but still crashing. I have never uninstalled any C++, so theoretically should still be on there what is strange is I can get FSX running just like that, by uninstalling acceleration - it runs fine, so the issue is something to do with the acceleration part it would seem
  4. OK, So I looked through the guide, and went to the visual Famework packages, and downloaded the latest Visual 2008/Visual 2010 versions, as recommended, however the 2008 won't install: And 2010: This is what the Programmes and features says I have:
  5. Ahh - I can;t get that far, it crashes at this screen:
  6. Ahh - not the add-on scenery, where is the scenery library located?
  7. OK disabled them all (bar the top one) and still crashing...
  8. I had FSX.cfg, and FSX.cfg.txt, and I renamed theFSX.fg into FSXOrig.CFG, and I can see a new FSX.cfg has been made. Looking at the dll.xml, the addonds I have shown are: Object Placement Tool - <Disabled>True</Disabled> Traffic Toolbox - <Disabled>True</Disabled> Visual Effects Tool - <Disabled>True</Disabled> Just Flight TCAS Module - <Disabled>False</Disabled> FSUIPC 4 - <Disabled>False</Disabled> SquawkBox Transponder - <Disabled>False</Disabled> SquawkBox AI Control - <Disabled>False</Disabled> SquawkBox Internal Version - <Disabled>False</Disabled> MD-81/82 Module Activation - <Disabled>False</Disabled> The last one being related to one of the purchases I assume to make these disabled I would have to get the code into a text editor and change false to true
  9. OK, so deleting the cfg file, didn't help, so I uninstalled Acceleration, and it worked Reinstalling acceleration however brings this issue back... Guessing one of my recent purchases isn;t Acceleration compatible maybe
  10. OK thanks Where is fsx.cfg? Had a look, and had the Explorer search for it, but the closet so far I have found is FSX_display.cfg, FSX_Elumens.cfg, FSX_scenery.cfg and FSX_terrain.cfg
  11. Hi, OK, I have had FSX for some time now and it worked fine. Haven't had time though, so hadn't played it in a few months. Few days ago, I purchased a couple of the JustFlight F-Lite add-ons in a sale, and installed them. Both the first F-Lite planes I have bought, either. So I installed them, and went to start up the game, (This was the first startup since I last played few months back), and I got the initial FSX loading screen, but thats it it crashes everytime, with the message "A Fatal error has occurred" Have gone into the events log, and it has this: Any ideas what could be the issue/how to fix it? Thanks