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  1. I have recently updated to 10.40b3. After update, I am getting the following message on any one of the three client PCs used for outside scenery view : An airfoil file could not be found! The airfoil paths I checked are listed below ! Aircraft/Fighters/F-4 PhantomPP/airfoils/Clark-Y(root).afl Airfoils/Clark-Y(root).afl Get that foil in placeif you want to fly! After this message, that client PC crashes. However, this message does not appear on server PC used for cockpit controls display. I have used different default as well as payware aircrafts. I have even replaced the" Aircraft" and "Airfoil" folders of the server PC but the issue remained there. Moreover, I always get the following message on one of the client PCs used for Front view since after first installation of x-plane 10 version 10.25. "I tried to open the following plane, but could not: Aircraft/General Aviation/Columbia-400PP/c400.acf This smacks of a corrupted airplane file, or a file that is not REALLY an airplane file, or a missing airplane file altogether! I will open the default plane now so you can still fly though". After this message, an aircraft different from the aircraft loaded in the server PC appears on that client PC. One thing to mention is that it is just a dead / dummy aircraft with its engine / propellers in stopped condition. Any idea, What may be causing this ?