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  1. Quick questions for the community because I seem to be struggling with this. FMC setup, go to go there. Under 10,000ft I am disengaging the autopilot to fly my visual approach. Autothrottle seems to hold the speed well until I get on final. It doesn't seem like it is holding my VRef speed well at all. I consistently have to disengage, which results in a hard touchdown with high rate of descent because I seem to be floating it. On the MCP I have the A/T button alluminated with the speed in the MCP set at Vref+5 so around 142 or so. I am already in full landing setup with flaps at 30 and gear down. Where am I going wrong. In the FMC I do have the approach set at flaps 30 and vref of 137.
  2. markgsu

    Download Issues

    I purchased the 777 and the 747 yesterday and haven't be able to download the 777. The download keeps getting stuck in different spots. I have downloaded up to 300MB and then it stops. The 747 had similar issues but I kept trying and then it went through.