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  1. groomdrylakebed

    Weird sound issues and doesnt remember settings for PMDG 737

    I tried that and it didnt change anything. I did fix the problem for fsx where it didnt remember my setting. I just had to set the settings and then exit the game. Still problems with the pmdg sound and the pmdg start sequence settings not remembering what i want. I am thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling the pmdg in admin though! Any other ideas?
  2. Hey guys, I am having 3 problems with my PMDG 737 add-ons and FSX. 1) My settings menu does not remember my last settings(video, joystick, sound, etc) if I close the program. When I restart the program it is completely different than what I set them to. 2) Weird sound issues. I cant hear sounds like the voices for the push back or the toggling of the switches. 3) PMDG does not remember that I want it completely dark in the aircraft when I first start the free flight. I set it to CLK or whatever on the FMC simulator options. Then when I come back later for another flight it auto starts my engines and everything which is what I do not want. Can you guys please help me?? I am sooo frustrated because I love flying but these issues are definitely annoying the crap out of me! PLEASE HELP!! Thank you