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  1. Hey Guys, I need some serious help!! this is my first time posting so if in the wrong area please let me know so i can move it. My Sim has been running great for the last 8-12 months with no issues but as of a couple of days ago it had a single Addon crash (ChasePlane) and since than if i swap to a windows outside of the sim itself (e.g. Chrome to lookup charts) all my controls running from just stop in the position they were in, all click spots (buttons and switches) can no longer be used in the virutal cockpit and it pretty much becomes unusable. I have unistalled and reinstalled & Chase plane but no difference. All 2d cockpits and menus work fine but none of my controls work in the 2d cockpit. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I also have created a ticked with but it appears they will not be able to respond for the next few days. Hopefully i will not need to reinstall as i have alot of 3rd part aircraft :( Daniel. EXTRA: I will record a video tonight (Australia) showing the issue.