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  1. Because I am not flying anymore I am selling all my panels. I sell the CPFlight modules together in one package: They are both in perfect condition. Please contact me if you are interested and we can negotiate the price. Distributed from the UK. Full scale replica of Boeing 747 MODE CONTROL PANEL with EICAS selector.Custom backlighting frontplate.Custom pushbutton.Pushbuttons legend backlight color: white.Pushbuttons status color: amber.Backlight color: warm white.Displays: Altitude, Vertical Speed, Heading, SpeedDisplay characteristics: LED 7 segment. Digit height: 0,3" (7,6 mm).Display color: white.3 digital encoders with push-on switch to set: Speed, Heading, AltitudeEncoders characteristics: one million cycle rated, 30 increment for rotation (with detent).V/S Horizontal digital encoder to set Vertical Speed (30 increment for turn).Dual concentric HDG-SEL knobs with 6 positions BANK ANGLE limit selector (AUTO, 5, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°).Toggle switches for Auto Throttle ARM switch.Toggle switches for Left and Right Flight Director.Disengage bar.THR, SPD, FLCH, VNAV, LNAV, HDG, V/S, HOLD, LOC, APP, CMDL, CMDC, CMDR lighting buttonsSEL round buttons.Display brightness regulation.Backlight brightness regulation.Central unit for daisy-chain connection of Efis selectors (Captain and F/O)16 bit Flash microcontroller.DIN 5 pole socket for plug&play CPflight modules interface.USB Interface (USB cable provided).Compatible with Project Magenta and PMDG. Full scale replica of Boeing EFI747 selector.Custom backlighted frontplate.2 rotary encoders with push-on switch for MINS and BARO adjustment.RADIO/BARO and IN/HPA rotary selectors with dual concentric knobs.Knobs: aluminium dust-coated with symbols.2 toggle switches with three positions for VOR/ADF selection.4 position rotary switch with push in for display mode selection.8 position rotary switch with push in for ND range and TFC selection.2 round pushbuttons for FPV and METER selection.5 pole connection cable and fixing clamp provided.Compatible with Project Magenta and PMDG. PMDG drivers are available at flightsimlabs web site. This driver is payware.
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