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  1. All's well that ends well in this particular case. Tegwyn has responded not only providing me with the code I'd purchased, but apologised in full (unforseen delays while travelling) and has even refunded my purchase in full. Now back to enjoying this fine software!
  2. Hello, I'm a fan of voxatc, so much so I thought I'd purchase the software and enjoy it every time I went flying in FSX. I browsed to the voxatc website clicked register and using paypal made payment on the 29th of August eagerly awaiting my registration email and key.... and I'm still waiting.... still waiting.... I've sent emails three times via their web site email submission forms (don't have the dates as it's done via the voxatc website). I've sent email via my gmail account twice on the 2nd and today the 8th of August. I've just sent another email from my hotmail account just on the off chance the web mail is down and my gmail account has been spam blocked or something. I know of only (listed on the paypal payment receipt email) and (got this from when Tegwyn replied to an email in which I had issues getting the voxatc demo to work). I'm just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation as me? I highly doubt that Tegwyn (if that is the developer) is going to rip me off but I'm just a bit worried that I'm being stone walled after sending my hard earned cash. If anyone knows any other way to reach voxatc if they could share it in this post that would be much appreciated.