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  1. Thanks so much for the help Jon. I really appreciate the performance numbers you've provided. I completely forgot about the alternate air cable.......too many Annual Inspections ago, but now I remember the cable going to the induction system. I'll adjust the file to 25,000ft for the correct critical altitude. We looked at getting the American Aviation Inc., STC for bigger intercoolers for even better performance for the 340, but got a King Air C90 shortly thereafter, so things changed. I still I have a sweet spot for the 340 and what it can do. John Wolfe
  2. Thanks for the help Jon. My father had a 1977 Cessna 340A on a 135 certificate back in the 90's, which being an A&P and working on it was my job. I wanted to change the Carenado 340A to the this one with the 310hp engines, so is the critical altitude around 20,000? We did have the vortex generators for the gross weight increase....but no RAM STC unfortunately. I'm not sure, but I've heard 20,000 might be close. Also, have you ever had problems with flying in heavy snow and moderate ice and engines loosing power like in the sim. I can get the engines to nearly quit in heavy snow and moderate icing. Thanks John Wolfe