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  1. thbergseng

    Canada overgrown with trees

    I do recall flying a lot in the high arctic in Canada on my previous setup, and can very clearly remember that there were no forrests up there back then.
  2. thbergseng

    Canada overgrown with trees

  3. thbergseng

    Canada overgrown with trees

    Yes I have checked it. The thing is that this even happens with no addons present. Basically all of Canada. UT CAN is above the mesh files (often I cannot use the mesh for the high arctic airports, as this tends to leave the airports in a sinkhole.
  4. Hello everyone. I have recently gotten a problem in my sim. As I was starting a ferry flight in a Piper from Alaska to England, I discovered during installation of the wonderful freeware sceneries for Canada (used them many times before), that basically all of Canada is overgrown with autogen trees By that, I mean airports, high arctic etc. Even around the Northwest passage, it basically looks like a jungle. I do not want to do a reinstall, as I have customized my sim with heavy AI for all of the world etc. I am using UT Canada/Alaska/USA and GE Pro, as well as FSGlobal 2010 for mesh. After trying to disable and "error search" this problem, nothing seems to help. THe only thing I could to was to create some exclude squares over the airport. Still, it looks quite unrealistic with dence forrests in the high arctic. The problem seems to be isolated to only Canada, as Alaska and the rest of the US is fine, while Toronto as well is completely overgrown, even with addon airports. Is there anyone who can help? :) All the best Tor