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  1. Thanks Jethro Using your parameters worked. I could have sworn that in the past I could just select Flight Simulator X rather than being specific to the repaints. In any event being more specific in the search worked Thanks again
  2. In the last couple of days I've been trying to search the library for previous planes I've downloaded, specifically PDMG 737 and 747 for FSX. However the search is noting that there are no files. I'm also not getting any results for other searches such as authors Goldstar Textures or Ray Smith (I've downloaded lots of their files in the past) Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Michael
  3. cva227

    737NGX FSX Liveries

    Thanks That worked, to a degree. I got the ops centre but was not able to view it properly and my existing liveries were gone, along with the panel settings, checklist, parking codes, etc I was able to use the old livery manager to get everything back, albeit with much frustration
  4. cva227

    737NGX FSX Liveries

    I don't have that folder. My FSX is installed in the Program Files (x86) directory
  5. cva227

    737NGX FSX Liveries

    I saw that at the top of the section for downloads I have reinstalled as per the directions in the last service update but still don't have the operations center
  6. cva227

    737NGX FSX Liveries

    It's been a while since I've downloaded some liveries. I was looking for the liveries for the 737-800/900 NGX for FSX but couldn't find them in the downloads section. Could someone point me to where they are now stored? Thanks CVA227 Michael Morrison