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  1. vantorens

    Bizarre issue on three different computers

    Ian and Wim, thank you for your inputs Actually I´m having this issue even with a clean Windows and FSX install (no anti virus or other background programs running). I´m not sure if the PCs are set 100% as per Nick´s guide, but as I was able to run FSX perfectly before I guess this is not the main factor. I´m not running ENB but I was able to use it before with no problems whatsoever. Now I can´t run it anymore (white flashes on the 2d panel if I use it) Best regards Marc
  2. Hello, Obviously I must be missing something because since I had to reinstall FS about a month ago, I simply cannot make it run in the flawless way it did in the last years. When running on 2d panel, the sim stutters or lags whenever I left-click on the panel image or the outside view. It hangs for like a second and then resumes. Every time I click on the panel. I also get some flashes whenever I open/close 2d windows or select side views. I tried to install FSX on three different machines with completely different hardware, including different GPU models and brands (two of them running Win 7 and a brand new one running Win 8), and I observed the same issue on all of them. I´ve been trying to track down the source of this problem for more than a month but I´ve run out of ideas and still don´t have a clue about what´s going on. Any help will be really appreciated. Best regards Marc
  3. vantorens

    2d panel lag

    Hello When using 2d panels from any aircraft, everytime I click anywhere on the panel image itself or the outside view, or 2d side views, the sim will stutter or lag for more or less a second, then resume normally. But it won´t happen if I undock the panel from the main screen. When I click End Flight it also flashes the upper part of the panel for a second. It happens with a clean fs9 install and the computer is brand new. Any suggestions? My specs Intel IvyBridge i7 3770 with 8GB GPU Nvidia GTX760 Thanks Marc