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  1. HI, I had built a PC for my flight sim, and had lackluster performance. I always suspected the video card as I never hit more than about 30% CPU load. One of the guys at the flight school also built a machine were he threw caution into the wind, Haswell i7 and a Geforce titan Card. He runs Three monitors for cocpit view and a forth one for instruments. Needless to say I was jealous. When Talking to him about his settings he claims other than messing with some configs to spread the cockpit view across three screen, he did noting else. So Obviously I am ready to step up and replace mt video card. The question is, i can locally source a GTX 770 for a decent price or I can order a titan in for a ridiculous amount... Will the 770 do the job and is the titan overkill? im planning on running tripple 24" monitors